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Best Runners = This hint is meant to be a decision guidance and shows the most wanted articles
Grade C60 carbon specialty steel featuring an exceptionally high hardness rating of ca. 59 HRC (in contrast to grade C45 standard steel) providing for above-average cutting efficiency.
Internal Spring = installed in the fulcrum to provide for comfortable and reliable cutting operations.
This Scissors have one micro-serrated blade = ideal for use with slippery fabrics - absolute controlled cutting operations.
Both blades are micro-serrated
We use a case-hardened screw with a high stability and a permanent trouble-free joint function.
Oblong Eye Design = hand-fit ergo-styled
Bent-up blades = ideal to trim borders and edges
Bent-up handles
Offset Handles = designed for controlled trimming of borders and edges


All about us - a self-portray

Abbildungen: ROBUSO Katalog von 1924

We are an efficient family-held company, originally founded 1919 in SOLINGEN by Julius Buntenbach, the grandfather of Mrs. Reinhild Mohaupt, Managing Director.

The founder of ROBUSO selected the "PRETZEL" as part of his internationally registered trade mark, with the idea based on the fact that a number of bakeries in the Burg district of Solingen turned out pretzels, a traditional speciality in high demand throughout the region and beyond.

The production of razors, blades and scissors for barbers and hairdressers dominated the production operations during the first decades of the company. It was in 1948 when Johann Pukelsheim, the son-in-law of Julius Buntenbach, joined the company and gradually adapted the production programme to meet the demands and requirements of the garment industry. This reorientation proved to be a success both at home and abroad - and a safe step into the future.

The production programme was continuously complemented to keep abreast of the markets, with priorities focussed on the requirements of industrial and professional users, namely to provide them with high-quality shears and scissors for any and all relevant applications - and all this under the motto "Original ROBUSO Quality" exclusively from one source. We are proud to state that we have designed and produced shears for use with technical textiles for well over the past 30 years.


The third ROBUSO-generation, namely Reinhild Mohaupt, nee Pukelsheim, and her husband Detlef continued to run the company until Detlef Mohaupt died in May 1999, upon which Reinhild Mohaupt successfully assumed all managerial duties to keep the company going along the proven and time-tested ROBUSO tradition, with Rainer Hückelhoven, a graduated engineer and company executive, being responsible for technological research, development and process optimization services at user level.

Concerted ROBUSO efforts have, so far, resulted in a supply range covering manual, electro- and air-powered shears and scissors - and the provision of allautomatic cutting solutions.

A family-held company like ours, with advantages such as a clearly defined structural make-up, short decision-making routines and the capacity to react spontaneously and adequately to changing market conditions, is bound to cope successfully with all the challenges future may have in store.

Looking forward to good and rewarding relations, ROBUSO and I are sincerely Yours,

Reinhild Mohaupt