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Best Runners = This hint is meant to be a decision guidance and shows the most wanted articles
Grade C60 carbon specialty steel featuring an exceptionally high hardness rating of ca. 59 HRC (in contrast to grade C45 standard steel) providing for above-average cutting efficiency.
Internal Spring = installed in the fulcrum to provide for comfortable and reliable cutting operations.
This Scissors have one micro-serrated blade = ideal for use with slippery fabrics - absolute controlled cutting operations.
Both blades are micro-serrated
We use a case-hardened screw with a high stability and a permanent trouble-free joint function.
Oblong Eye Design = hand-fit ergo-styled
Bent-up blades = ideal to trim borders and edges
Bent-up handles
Offset Handles = designed for controlled trimming of borders and edges


Our Regrinding Services: Professional, thorough, prompt and budget-priced

  Hollow Grinding
Edge Grinding
  Final Inspection
Clean-up and Packing

Craftsmen's Skill and Artistry
These illustrations show clearly how many sequential operations are required to refinish scissors and shears properly. We might add that it calls for craftsmen's skill and artistry indeed to grind, assemble and align these precision-made components - all of them tasks not to be trusted to the hands of a street corner scissor grinder.

Handling and Return of Items sent in for Regrinding
Our Regrinding Service Department is organized to deal with your requirements promptly - even during vacation seasons and new year periods. Regrinding operations are performed during the first days of each week - this in an effort to return your items by the end of such week.

Maintenance and Care
Quality scissors and shears require due attention to last for as long as possible. Rough and tiresome cutting is not necessarily an indication that regrinding is needed. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to untighten the screw. Try cleaning and lubricating instead - it usually works wonders. Failing that, it's time for a regrind service.


Regrinding/refinishing of Scissors/Shears
Regrinding (= disassembling, hollow grinding, reassembling, aligning and grinding)
If the shears are already micro-serrated, the serrating of the blades is included.
Size ROBUSO Products "Outside" Products
  Order No. Order No.
until 5" 1500.000.130 1501.000.130
6" 1500.000.160 1501.000.160
7" 1500.000.185 1501.000.185
8" 1500.000.210 1501.000.210
9" 1500.000.235 1501.000.235
10" 1500.000.260 1501.000.260
11" 1500.000.290 1501.000.290
12" 1500.000.315 1501.000.315
13" 1500.000.340 1501.000.340
Electro-Powered Shears: Grinding of Blades
Order No. Article No.
1506.100.000 B80/81 upper blade
1506.110.000 B60/B70/B80 lower blade
1506.111.000 B71/B81 lower blade
1506.120.000 B70/B71 upper blade
1506.140.000 A50 upper blade
1506.145.000 A51 upper blade
1506.150.000 A40/A41/A50/A51 lower blade
1506.160.000 A40 upper blade
1506.165.000 A41 upper blade
1506.170.000 B60 upper blade
The regrinding of the blades for Rapido/Cutty/Favorit/Favorit V/Herkules/USM-G/X-130 is not profitable. At some machines you will find a grinding stone, with whom you can regrind the blades yourself.
Order No. Service
1700.000.000 Etching program for Laser Imprints
1700.001.000 Film costs - black surface etchings
1700.010.000 Laser imprints: one colour
1700.011.000 Laser imprints: two colours
1700.012.000 Laser Imprint of name
1700.015.000 Black Surface Etching
1700.300.000 Setup Charge for Printing Service
1700.400.000 Engraving name in block letters
1700.401.000 Engraving name in conventional letters

Other Services
Order No. Service
Micro-serrating of one only blade
1502.200.000 Bending of the handles
1502.400.000 Numbering
1502.500.000 PVC-coating of handles
1503.000.000 Micro-serrating by diamond wheel up to 4cm
1503.005.000 Micro-serrating by diamond wheel, each additional cm:
1503.010.000 ARS, 2110/H/10" Regrinding
1503.011.000 ARS, 2111/H/6" Regrinding
1503.012.000 ARS, 2112/H/4" Regrinding
1503.500.000 Swissors, Replacing of the blades, serrated
1503.510.000 Swissors, Replacing of the blades, unserrated
1504.000.000 Pattern notchers: Regrinding
1506.000.000 Repair of Electro-Powered Shears

Any Special Requirements?
Micro-Serrating of plain blade edges
Micro-Serrating of carbide-tipped machine
blade edges
Needle-point grinding of conventional blade
Rounding of conventional blade ends
Shape-bending of shanks/handles
PVC-coating of handles
Adaptation of Shears for use with specific material types and grades: e.g. adjustment of the cutting edge geometry for use with felt, leather and thicker materials, increase or decrease of blade contact pressure, increase of pressure right down into the tips
Teflon®-coating of shears (minimum quantities subject to prior arrangement)
Consecutive Numbering of shears (for better inventory control)
Inscribing shears with company names and/or logos (for intercompany identification or advertising purposes)
Anything else? Please let us know so that you can see what we can do.