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Best Runners = This hint is meant to be a decision guidance and shows the most wanted articles
Grade C60 carbon specialty steel featuring an exceptionally high hardness rating of ca. 59 HRC (in contrast to grade C45 standard steel) providing for above-average cutting efficiency.
Internal Spring = installed in the fulcrum to provide for comfortable and reliable cutting operations.
This Scissors have one micro-serrated blade = ideal for use with slippery fabrics - absolute controlled cutting operations.
Both blades are micro-serrated
We use a case-hardened screw with a high stability and a permanent trouble-free joint function.
Oblong Eye Design = hand-fit ergo-styled
Bent-up blades = ideal to trim borders and edges
Bent-up handles
Offset Handles = designed for controlled trimming of borders and edges


All about ROBUSO® Shears and Scissors

Our programme offers three quality grades:


All three names are registered Trade Marks.

This brand name stands for top grade quality and indicates, at the same time, that the requirements of the SOLINGEN Code of Product Quality and of all relevant DIN Specifications are surpassed by far. In other words: ROBUSO shears and scissors are cutting implements designed for maximum efficiency.

ROBUSO Shears and Scissors are made of hot-forged high-purity specialty steel, with the 'industrial' model versions made of C 60 high carbon steel (= HRC 57-59) for proven "well above average" cutting efficiency.

The forged blanks are subjected to a hardening process, with the blades preground in modern automated wet grinding systems inside and out, as a result of which the inner sides feature a distinct hollow ground surface.

The next production steps are the responsibility of highly qualified and experienced ROBUSO staff:

Hand-grinders grind, glaze and polish the blades and handles manually inside and out.

The eye precision finish grinder takes care of the inner and outer eye surfaces.

The nickel-plater finishes the ground steel surfaces by way of mirror-finish nickel-plating the eyes and handles - and the grinder removes the nickel layer from the inside of the hollow ground blade surfaces to produce a keen long-life cutting edge. A point worth noting: the inner surfaces of high-quality shears are never nickel-plated.


The finished parts are then passed to the joint finisher for precision mating, which also includes finish-grinding of the cutting edge, and fitting of the screw. Both the grinding operators and the joint finisher are responsible for the even and smooth cutting efficiency of ROBUSO Shears and Scissors.

The final step is the performance test: Each product item is subjected to an efficiency test routine with the material it is designed and intended for: Grey cotton cloth, lining silk, wafer-thin curtain fabrics, leather, Aramide products, etc. One of the major requirements is to ascertain that all specimen are perfectly severed in an effortless straight-through cut over the complete blade length.

ROBUSO Shears and Scissors are the result of painstaking care applied during all production sequences involved, ca. 80% of which are handcrafted. Lacquer-finished handles/eyes coloured wine-red, red/black or blue are padded with a soft, transparent plastic coat (polyurethane). Every product detail is subjected to stringent quality control inspections to ascertain that ROBUSO Shears and Scissors deserve the "Master-crafted" merit.

ROBUR/SOLINGEN/Quality refers to good SOLINGEN-Product quality standard - normally made of forged and hardened plain steel, properly machined. The production involves ca. 40% of manual work. Handles/Eyes are of black lacquer-finish. Our ROBUR product range is limited to the most widely used conventional models.

PELLORO/Quality refers to imported products, quality-controlled and modified by us - if necessary. PELLORO products are - as indicated by price - of "Economy" quality. Their production involves ca. 20% of manual work. Handles/Eyes are of black lacquer-finish.

Special Requests
We are always open-minded towards special requirements and, thus, capable of coming up with the unexpected, towards which end we invite you to let us know what you need and/or what is not listed in this catalogue.