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Best Runners = This hint is meant to be a decision guidance and shows the most wanted articles
Grade C60 carbon specialty steel featuring an exceptionally high hardness rating of ca. 59 HRC (in contrast to grade C45 standard steel) providing for above-average cutting efficiency.
Internal Spring = installed in the fulcrum to provide for comfortable and reliable cutting operations.
This Scissors have one micro-serrated blade = ideal for use with slippery fabrics - absolute controlled cutting operations.
Both blades are micro-serrated
We use a case-hardened screw with a high stability and a permanent trouble-free joint function.
Oblong Eye Design = hand-fit ergo-styled
Bent-up blades = ideal to trim borders and edges
Bent-up handles
Offset Handles = designed for controlled trimming of borders and edges


Scissors and Shears for Left-Handers

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ROBUSO-experience shows that left-handers are especially grateful for the availability of scissors and shears designed for their use.

These 'specials' fit perfectly into their hands, are readily controlled and require much less physical effort than is the case with having to use conventional designs.

Left-handers having had to use 'conventional' scissors or shears, are now required to refamiliarize themselves with these 'specials' because they are still likely to apply - subconsciously - counteracting blade pressure with the result that these "Lefties Only" shears clamp the material between the blades instead of cutting.

Remember: Good things take time - after which you will appreciate our left-handers scissors and shears.

ROBUSO Dressmaker's Scissors 1012/E/7"
Light-weight Dressmaker's Scissors
KAI Tailor's Shears 2202/R/9.5", left
Left-handers’ Version
KAI Tailor's Shears 2221/R/8", left
Light-weight left-handers' Scissors
ROBUSO Tailor's Shears for left-handers 1040/C
Tailor's Shears for left-handers
Tailor's Shears 1041/C, left
Tailor's Shears for Left-Handers for use with all technical textiles
ROBUSO-proton® Left-Handers' Shears
Left-Handers' Shears for all technical textiles
ROBUSO-ELASTIC Tailor's Shears 1048 / 1049
Tailor's Shears with internal spring
without micro-serration 1048
with micro-serration 1049